Convenient onsite medi-spa that provides beauty and makeup services throughout Long Island and the metro areas. Our specialists provide personalized makeup application, luxurious medi-spa treatments and top quality hair removal services all in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, or event site.

“Why go to a medi-spa

when the medi-spa

can go to you?


We take a multi faceted approach to solving all of your beauty woes! Whether you are battling the signs of aging or a teenager dealing with pesky acne to even just looking to have smooth hairless skin for extended periods of time with nearly 10 years in the beauty industry and multiple advanced certifications our specialists will deliver your desired results!


Beauty Specialist

Our mission is to make your inner beauty shine through. We bring out the best of you so you can tackle life being the very best version of yourself. Your confidence is our priority! 


Makeup Artist

Every woman knows makeup is a key element of any look. Not only can it hide those dark circles or conceal blemishes and minimize the appearance of acne scaring but it can brighten the face and give you a slimmer, younger, fresher appearance. 

Our makeup artists are the very best in the field and have all been trained by the pioneers of the cosmetic industry. We have extensive experience working weddings, special events, photo shoots, red carpets, music videos and television. We can not only bring your inner beauty out, but we can turn you into a ghost, ghoul or goblin for Halloween! 


People Say

I had begun to lose all hope that anyone would be able to fix my eyebrows after they got butchered at a nail salon, thankfully, I was wrong! Within 2 sessions with Kelly my brows looked better than they ever have.

Mary Scott

I was hesitant to try sugar waxing after having a horribly painful experience with hard wax that left me bruised for days but my hesitation was misplaced. Kelly made the entire experience quick, easy and as painless as humanly possible. Kelly is the only person that will ever be waxing me.

Tiffany Jackson

My daughter suffers from terrible acne and was getting so upset by it she didn't even want to go to prom due to it. After two treatments her skin looked 70% better and then on the day of prom Kelly did her makeup. My daughter couldn't believe how flawless her skin looked! We had to tell her not to cry and ruin her makeup!

Janice Riley

Having Kelly come to me has really made things so much easier and saves so much time. Before I was going weeks upon weeks without waxing because I just didn't have the time to go to a salon. Now that my living room has turned into a salon I always have hairless skin!

Jackie Park

I love that when I have questions I can call Kelly directly. She really means it when she says she provides close and continuing care with her clients.

Susan O’Neill
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