Hair Removal

Hair Removal & Body Waxing

Are you looking for smooth hairless skin for longer? Are you tired of shaving all the time? Do you feel like ingrown hairs are unsightly and driving you insane?If so look no further! Take a look at our two semi permanent hair removal options and choose the one best for you. Then in the comfort of your own home watch as we reveal to you healthy silky smooth hairless skin. 

Why Wax?

  • Waxing saves time.
  • Wax removes hair from the roots so it takes longer to grow back. In the time you typically spend shaving you can get a little extra sleep in the mornings.
  • Waxing avoids razor burn.
  • Shaving can leave you with bumps, rashes, razor burns, nicks and cuts. With waxing you avoid the possibility of any irritation.

Waxing lasts much longer.

Since waxing pulls hair directly from the root it takes much longer to grow back leaving you hair free for longer periods of time. Constant waxing makes your hair follicles weaker and less viable, leaving them permanently damaged. If you continue to wax for an extended amount of time you eventually have barely noticeable hair in those areas.

Elimination of ingrown hairs.

When you shave you cut the hair off at skin level or just below it. Because the end of shaved hair is blunt it can become trapped under the skin causing what is known as an ingrown hair. Waxing removes the entire shaft making it impossible to become trapped.

Waxing does not have to be as painful one would think.

Most people hear the word wax and envision a sticky substance being applied to the skin that is then covered by a muslin cloth and then swiftly ripped from the skin that is what is known as soft wax. It is outdated, ineffective and extremely painful. There are two less painful, easier on the skin more modern and efficient types of wax that we currently offer. They are known as hard wax and sugar wax. Let’s discuss them both and pick the one that is right for you!

Hard Waxing

Hard wax is also known as strip-less wax due to the fact there are no muslin strips involved in the hair removal process. It has a thick consistency that hardens once applied to the body. Hard wax acts as a strip that the beauty therapist can just rip off without any assisted aids. Hard wax does not adhere directly to the skin, greatly reducing the chance of any sort of skin irritation. Another benefit of it not adhering directly to the skin is that it reduces how painful the whole process it. Hard wax can also be customized to your specific skin type.

Sugar Waxing

Body Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal. The practice dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. It uses a completely natural and organic paste made from mixing lemon, sugar and water. The paste is molded onto your skin against the direction of the hair growth, then quickly flicked off – removing the sugar paste, extracting your unwanted hair and collecting dead and damaged skin cells. Sugaring allows for the hair to be extracted in the direction of its growth. Because you are not going against the grain of the hair growth it noticeably reduces discomfort and hair breakage meaning ingrown hairs are much less likely to occur. Due to its highly exfoliating properties your skin becomes super silky with a youthful glow. Not only is it the best method to remove hair from those with sensitive skin it is also the most eco – friendly and sanitary method of hair removal.

Sugar waxing has only been reintroduced into the hair removal industry within the last 10 years. There are less than 100 sugaristas in all of New York state and Kelly happens to be one of them.

First time female clients receive a brazilian wax for $20 and men receive a half chest or back waxing for $20